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Meet the Owner of the Mount Ivy Café

In 2016, the Mount Ivy Café was taken over by new ownership!

The quaint and historic café is now under the ownership of Ruben Llivisupa. As the Mount Ivy Café is loved by many Rockland County locals, Ruben promises to keep the community feel and traditions the restaurant has established over the last 30 years, but also add a modern and sophisticated touch to the restaurant and menus.

Ruben’s love for the culinary arts and close roots in Rockland County encouraged him to acquire the Mount Ivy Café and start a new journey in life.

New owner Ruben Llivisupa says “he’s ecstatic about owning the classic Mount Ivy Café and what’s in store for the upcoming months”. The Café has the perfect mix of casual and fine dining in one location for friends and family. The Mount Ivy Café has been a fan favorite for the last 30 years in Rockland County.

“We’re keeping the tradition that Mount Ivy Café was built on over the last few decades, and incorporating fun and  new twists that nobody has seen before” says Ruben.

Ruben resides in Rockland County with his wife and family.